Sir David Attenborough: 'The wonder and beauty'

The great naturalist tells our science editor David Shukman why he’ll never tire of his work.

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25 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Tech Geeks & Marketers

Halloween is a fun holiday, and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It doesn’t have recognizable songs or vacation days associated with it, and it falls on a busy time of year for most people in the workforce.
But that doesn’t mean you should skip the festivities at your

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The place spacecraft go to die

Why one of the Earth’s most remote places is the preferred place to dump space junk.

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Are Amazon 'Sponsored Products' Ads Worth It?

Say you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones or a new guitar tuner. Where would you start your search? Google, right?
Not so fast. According to a 2016 survey of 2,000 consumers, 55% of people actually skip Google altogether and start their online shopping searches directly

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Brad Enters Kansas Speedway Stress-Free

Brad Keselowski enters the Hollywood Casino 400 in an enviable position that only one other driver can claim: Thanks to last weekend’s win at Talladega Superspeedway, Brad is locked into the Round of 8, no matter how he finishes in Sunday’s final Round of 12 race at Kansas Speedway.
It was easier for the No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion driver to sleep this week knowing he isn’t in need of a spectacular finish at this

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A brief history of the Earth's CO2

Prof Joanna Haigh from Imperial College London explains why this gas has played a crucial role in shaping the Earth’s climate.

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Did Samsung Just One-Up Apple on Its Cool Factor?

Let’s cut right to the chase: At this week’s Samsung Developer Conference, the event’s namesake announced a bunch of really cool new stuff.
And we’ll get to it — I promise.
But before we do, I want to point out what really resonated with me — perhaps even more than all of

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Organizers: China HVAC show successful

The Sept. 5-7 HVAC construction and plumbing trade show at Shanghai New International Expo Center attracted 17,965 from east and central China, officials said.

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Photo of butchered rhino wins top award

A shocking image of a dehorned black rhino makes Brent Stirton Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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A Beginner's Guide to SSL: What It Is & Why It Makes Your Website More Secure

Have you ever noticed that some URLs start with “http://” while others start with “https://”? Perhaps you noticed that extra “s” when you were browsing websites that require giving over sensitive information, like when you were paying bills online.
But where’d that extra “s” come from, and what does it mean?

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